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The Starter Club Parent/Player Handbook

Welcome to The Starter Club! Please read and print this handbook which contains important information on scheduling, court ettiquette, injuries, internet privacy and much more. Please feel free to e-mail us with comments or suggestions.

Schedule/Weather Concerns
Parent are asked to bring players 15 minutes early to all practices, games and tournaments and to call the coach if running late. Coaches will call/text parents with a weather cancellation so do not assume scheduled dates are cancelled due to it being overcast or raining. If you don’t hear from your coach you are expected to show up at practice, even in the rain. Arizona has "micro-bursts" and there are many locations that may not affected by weather occurring in your area. Please call the coach if your child will be absent for any reason. The Starter Club will not provide refunds for missed practices/games due to weather conditions or player absence. Please see The Starter Club waiver for our refund policy.

Court Etiquette/Lost & Found
Players and parents are asked to keep court locations clean from personal trash and belongings. Forgotten clothing and other items are very common, so please be attentive of personal belongings and give coaches any clothing or items collected after practice and games - a lost & found box will be available. Please see The Starter Club waiver which releases The Club and all staff from any legal liability resulting from lost property..

Practices provide the foundation for developing and enhancing skills. "Everyone Shows, Everyone Starts" is our motto. All players who participate in practices will play in the games. Players who are absent or consistently late may lose game time depending on the Coach's discretion. The Starter Club intends for practices to be fun while learning player stats, playing to music and sharing conversations. Coaches may need parents to help with your player if he/she is being disrespectful. There will be no refunds for players that are asked to leave because of misconduct or inappropriate behavior. Coaches are certified and screened by The Starter Club and will not tolerate verbal confrontation by parents or players. Parents are asked to discuss any concerns with coaches after practice or call 480-560-5090.

The goal of The Starter Club statistics (stats) is to help identify player strengths, understand the rules, and create excitement while watching volleyball. Stats will be recorded by the players for fun and possibly prizes. Please understand that stats may not be completely accurate. Parents are welcome to help record stats or talk to coaches if there is a concern but the coaches are not relying on the stats as a key component for personalized practices but a tool for skill development and fun prizes. Cheating or padding numbers will not be tolerated and players doing so will face the "consequences":) But seriously, The Starter Club is not concerned about the stats but understand how parents can get competitive. The Starter Club will be considerate of players' feelings by only posting the top 10 stats in digs, aces, etc.

The Starter Club's players reputations will be based on positive sportsmanship. Players will learn to huddle and high 5 after points, encouragement on the court (i.e. "here comes a good pass" rather than "you gotta get the ball over the net"), appropriate comments on the sidelines (although we will not encourage heckling, we will help players overcome regulated banter) and to control emotions.

Inappropriate Behavior
Players and parents will not be allowed to curse, insult others, push, fight or yell in frustration. Poise is the backbone of The Starter Club's players and parents. A player or parent will be asked to leave and may possibly be dismissed from the club for inappropriate behavior if it becomes intimidating to players, parents or coaches. Ridiculing or heckling the coach/referee will not be tolerated. Parents are encouraged to call 480-560-5090 if there are concerns.

Coaches will have a first aid kit onsite with band aids, gauze, anti-bacterial sanitizer, ice pack, and wraps, however coaches will call the emergency contact phone number on the registration form to allow parents to treat their child's injury. Parents are required to read The Starter Club waiver and release all staff and club from any legal liability resulting from injury during practices, games and tournaments.

Internet Privacy Policy
Parents understand that The Starter Club will post information on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs on the world wide web and cannot possibly be responsible for any unfortunate online circumstance. Parents reserve the right to exclude photos or any mention of their child from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and/or blogs. Parents are required to read The Starter Club internet privacy policy and release all staff and club from any legal liability resulting from any internet marketing.

Session Fees
The session fees go towards practices/scrimmages, games, final tournament, 1 shirt, insurance, court rentals/permits, balls/equipment and coaching salaries. All payments are non-refundable except in the case of injury or serious illness (see the waiver for our injury policy).